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Nerta Cockpit Protector

COCKPIT PROTECTOR rejuvenates and safeguards all interior synthetic components of your vehicle. With its unique mixture, this solution acts as an anti-static agent, providing a refreshed and non-oily touch to your car’s interior. Additionally, it nourishes and revives surfaces, bringing back their original luster. Furthermore, the integrated UV-stabilizer shields your colors from the damaging effects of direct sunlight.


  • Renews plastics
  • Anti-static
  • UV protection
  • Perfumed

Nerta Insect Remover

A concentrated weak alkaline cleaning agent, INSECT REMOVER effortlessly and rapidly eliminates insects from both the bodywork and windows.


  • Bug remover
  • Degreaser
  • Safe for Paint

Nerta Interior Cleaner

A concentrated power cleaner, NERTA INTERIOR CLEANER, is designed for the cleaning of car and truck interiors.

With its effective cleaning powers, it can easily eliminate dirt, grease, and nicotine from various interior surfaces, including upholstery, carpets, plastic, and vinyl.

By functioning as an antistatic agent, this product not only ensures a longer-lasting cleanliness of the interior but also enables the removal of even the most persistent stains, leaving behind a pleasant fragrance.


  • Highly concentrated and economical in use
  • A versatile and effective interior cleaner
  • Cleans thoroughly upholstery
  • Vanilla apple perfume

Nerta Polish Wax

A hydrophobic wax and high gloss protectant, NERTA POLISH WAX safeguards the vehicle’s paint and offers a waxy finish. With its remarkable ability to create water droplets that slide off the surface, it facilitates drying, preservation, and delivers a superior shine.

By utilizing this product, you can keep your car cleaner for an extended period and simplify subsequent washing sessions. It effectively shields the bodywork against potential damage caused by UV light, harsh weather conditions, and other external factors.

Nerta Wash and Wax

Developed to enhance the luster of your vehicle’s exterior, NERTA WASH AND WAX is a concentrated car shampoo that boasts a pH neutral formula.

This innovative product effortlessly eliminates dirt and grime from your car’s surface, leaving it impeccably clean and glistening without any streaks. With every wash, bring back the radiant shine to your beloved vehicle. For optimal results, this exceptional cleanser is ideally used for a hand wash, accompanied by a high-quality washmitt.


  • pH neutral shampoo
  • High Gloss
  • Safe for Paint

Nerta Wheel Cleaner

The highly effective alkaline wheel cleaner from Nerta is available for the removal of brake dust. Brake dust, which consists of iron and carbon deposits, can pose a threat to the wheels. By using this product, one can eliminate the contamination prior to it causing irreversible corrosion.

Moreover, it is worth noting that NERTA WHEEL CLEANER is an acid-free solution specifically designed for the eradication of dirt and brake dust.


  • Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner
  • Brake dust remover