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Nerta Carnet Jumbo

CARNET JUMBO, a concentrated cleaning agent devoid of caustics and phosphates, is a surpassingly efficacious and buoyant alkaline solution.

Endowed with remarkable potential, it is particularly advisable for the sanitation of automobiles and lorries, with the immense capacity to purify up to 30 locomotives within a mere 5-litre quantity.

Formulated exclusively for the purpose of dispelling the pervasive accumulation of stationary filth from the exterior coatings of motor vehicles, Carnet Jumbo ensures an effortless rinsing, devoid of any residual milky streaks. Its distinctive blend guarantees an astonishingly immaculate outcome, while additionally bestowing a lustrously hydrophobic and gleaming surface to the bodywork.

This product is safe on all paints and chrome but care should be taken when using it on mirror polished/untreated aluminium or stainless steel as the product could leave a white veil in either the aluminium or stainless steel.