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Nerta Active Diamond Foam

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Available Sizes

1000L, 200L, 20L, 5L

An exceptional cleanser designed for outdoor use, NERTA ACTIVE DIAMOND FOAM is a super-concentrated, high-alkaline solution known for its remarkable ability to create a rich foam that effectively clings and thoroughly cleans.

Unmatched in its efficacy, NERTA ACTIVE DIAMOND FOAM effortlessly eliminates the toughest dirt and grime.

When used as directed, a mere 5 liters of Active Diamond can cleanse approximately 30 tractor units.

We highly recommend utilizing this product on a wide range of surfaces, including earthmoving gear, agricultural equipment, chemical sprayers, trailers, and cattle crates, to name a few.

Rest assured, this remarkable product is safe for use on all types of paints, chrome, and dura-brites. However, it is important to note that it is not suitable for mirror-polished, aluminum, or stainless steel surfaces, as it may result in a white residue or stubborn stains. Kindly reach out to us for further information and tailor-made recommendations.

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Extra Information

Mixing Ratios: We recommend using at 1% – 3% ratio. However please pour neat if using the Powerwash Foamer.

CLEANING – Foam product from the bottom to the top. Allowing soap to dwell for around 1 minute.

Using preferably a 40 degree nozzle, start cleaning from the bottom to the top covering all areas (always clean into fresh soap using the high-pressure water as a water broom).

RINSING – Rinse any excess soap from the top to the bottom.

Avoid letting the product dry on the vehicle, should this happen please re-foam to reactivate the soap and wash off as per the above instructions.

ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION – The surfactants in this product meet the criteria for biodegradability as established in Regulation (EG) n° 648/2004 concerning detergents.