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Nerta Fallout 7

Additional information

Available Sizes

200L, 20L, 5L

Achieving the elimination of iron particles and inhibiting the expansion of iron-linked harm, FALLOUT 7 proves highly effective. Its exceptional formulation, coupled with enhanced deep cleansing properties, ensures a swift eradication of filth and brake rust from the wheel!

Remaining pH neutral, devoid of acidic components, and entirely non-corrosive, FALLOUT 7 retains its chemical composition.


  • pH neutral
  • Acid-free
  • Non-corrosive

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Extra Information

The requirement for optimum usage: High-pressure washer (110 bar to 200 bar)+ Spray bottle or Pressure vessel.

Ready to use. No dilution required.

Spray pure Fallout 7 across the contaminated surface. Let it dwell for 2-5 minutes. The product penetrates quickly in all the dirt and brake dust and will give an intense change of color into deep red when reacting with iron. Remove the colored foam including the dissolved pollution with a powerful water jet. Rinse well and don’t let the product dry on the surface. Avoid drying under direct sunlight.

ENVIRONMENTAL INFORMATION – The surfactants in this product meet the criteria for biodegradability as established in Regulation (EG) n° 648/2004 concerning detergents.

IMPORTANT – Do not leave dry.