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Nerta Hydro Ceramic Wax

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Available Sizes

200L, 20L, 5L

An innovative type of wax, known as HYDRO CERAMIC WAX, possesses ceramic properties.

Through its strong hydrophobic characteristics, this product ensures excellent beading of the final rinse water, resulting in faster runoff and overall improved drying.

By creating a protective shield, this wax effectively guards the vehicle’s surface against UV light and significantly slows down the oxidation process. Additionally, it forms a resistant layer that provides protection against acidic rain.

With the application of this ceramic wax, the vehicle remains clean for a longer period between washes, making it more challenging for static dirt and mud to adhere to the surface. Ultimately, the HYDRO CERAMIC WAX contributes to a deep and glossy shine on the vehicle’s paint job.


  • Deep Gloss and Shine
  • Better Drying Result
  • Protective Layer

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Extra Information

Use at ratio 1:100 in a foaming system or spray bottle


DOSAGE – 5 – 20 ml per car